Children's Services Act

Serving At-Risk Children

The Children's Services Act (CSA) is a state-mandated program created to assist at-risk children and their families. The Office of Children's Services strives to provide services that are child-centered, family focused, and community based. The coordination of these services is accomplished through a collaborative team approach, which includes representatives from local child serving agencies.

Program Criteria

CSA services may be available to a child who meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Require private placement for special education.
  • Currently in foster care or eligible for foster care services.
  • Eligible for services through a Child in Need of Services Parental Agreement.
  • Exhibit significant emotional or behavioral problems and may require services not available from an agency, require services of multiple agencies, or may be at risk of residential placement.


Referrals come from participating local child serving agencies and eligibility for services must be determined. Direct parental referrals should be directed to the local CSA office. Once eligibility for services is determined, the family will be connected to the appropriate child serving agency. Participating local child serving agencies are Social Services, Court Services, Public Schools, and Community Services Board.


The New Kent Office of Children's Services strives to help at risk youth and families by promoting a comprehensive system of high quality, community based care that strengthens families through facilitating collaborative efforts.  


To champion a system of care that drives best practices which promote healthy, productive families within our community.

Code of Ethics

The New Kent/Charles City Office of Children's Services adopted the Code of Ethics on July 20, 2015.

Local Program Goals

  • We will protect the rights of all children and families and promote their right to advocate for themselves.
  • We will provide training and support to build family engagement skills for all staff members.
  • We will promote a system of care, which is culturally competent, within the least restrictive environment while protecting the welfare of children and maintaining safety.
  • We will incorporate prevention, early identification, and intervention supports in an effort to improve long-term outcomes.
  • We will practice continuous quality improvement to promote program and fiscal accountability.

CPMT and FAPT meeting dates and times

Children's Services is comprised of two child serving teams. The Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) meets the second Monday of each month (If Monday is a Holiday, the team meets the next Tuesday). Start times vary due to clients needs. This meeting is not open to the public.

The Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT) meets the third Monday of each month (If Monday is a Holiday, the team meets the next Tuesday). All meetings begin at 1:30 and are held in the Main Conference room of the Health and Human Services Building, 7911 Courthouse Way, New Kent, VA 23124. CPMT meetings are open to the public. The meeting agenda and past meeting minutes are available to the public at least three days prior to the scheduled CPMT meeting by contacting the local CSA office.

Membership of the CPMT

  • Appointed Official designee: Assistant Director of Finance: CPMT Chairperson
  • Supervisor, 9th District Juvenile Court Services Unit
  • Director, Department of Social Services
  • Director, Community Services Board
  • Nurse Manager, New Kent Health Department
  • Director, Special Education; Public Schools
  • Parent representative
  • Private Provider representative


For Additional Information

To learn more about CSA, you may visit the Commonwealth of Virginia CSA website or contact the local office at: 

New Kent Office of Children's Services
7911 Courthouse Way
Suite 100
P.O. Box 193
New Kent, VA 23124
Phone: (804) 966-8694
Fax: (804) 966-5094