Why do I have to wait until the next working day to get my inspection?
The building code requires the County to make an inspection within two working days after receiving a request to inspect. Our policy provides that, under normal circumstances, we will make the inspection within one working day after receiving the request.

Each morning at 8 a.m., inspectors are assigned their workload, which consists of inspection tickets for requests received the previous day as well as other assignments. In addition to their daily inspection workload, inspectors often have other duties to attend to, including court appearances, training, and issuing enforcement notices. In order to balance the requirements on their time, inspectors must arrange their workday before leaving our offices each morning. This includes routing their inspection ticket workload for the greatest efficiency. Therefore, each inspector's workload is predetermined at the beginning of each workday. This allows the greatest optimization of our resources and facilitates a better inspection process.

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