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New Kent County, Virginia

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Getting Started
Steps for the Single Family Dwelling Permit Process

1. If your dwelling will be serviced by a private well and or septic, you will need to be permitted through the New Kent Health Department (804) 966-9640 before you can apply for your land disturbance and building permits.  You will need to submit a copy of your approved Health Department packet with each of these applications.

2.  If you are disturbing more than 2500 square feet, you will need a land disturbance permit. The land disturbance application can be submitted at the same time as your building permit.  The Environmental Division  is located in the same area as the Building Development Department for your convenience. If you have any questions regarding land disturbance you can contact the Environmental Division at (804) 966-8580.

3.  Fill out the single family dwelling (SFD) application.  Submit with two sets of plans, one site plan, one Health Department packet (if applicable), proof of applying for your land disturbance permit and a copy of the recorded deed.  Recorded deeds may be obtained from the Circuit Court in the Courthouse.

  •  If you are building in the Brickshire or Patriots Landing subdivisions, both sets of plans and  the site plan must be stamped with the Architectural Review Board (ARB) red stamp.  We will not accept any plans for these subdivisions that have not been approved by the ARB.  If you are submitting plans for Viniterra, you must have a letter of approval and plans stamped from them.  All of these subdivisions have proffers associated with them.  Proffers are to be paid after your final inspection but before your Certificate of Occupancy is issued.