Building Development

About the Department

The Department of Building Development enforces the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code within New Kent County. This includes plan review, permit issuance, and inspection of buildings and structures during the construction phase. Permits are required for all structures, except non-residential farm buildings as defined by the Uniform Statewide Building Code. Permit fees are based on fair market value of the improvement.

New Inspection Process

New Kent County Building Development (the building permitting and inspections department) is changing our inspection request process.

Our office is now accepting inspection requests for sub-contractor rough-in and final inspections on an individual basis. Sub-contractors may now call in for inspection on their trade work once it is complete.

General contractors may still call in all trade rough-ins with the framing inspection. Insulation inspections will not be scheduled until all trade inspections are completed and passed as well as the framing inspection. General contractors may still call in for all final inspections at the same time. Final inspections will be scheduled if an approved operations permit has been received by our department from the Health Department, as well as approved duct blast and blower door reports.

If an approved third party performs footing inspections, projection inspections will not be scheduled until the footing report is submitted to our office and approved by our office.

Please call 804-966-8572 to request an inspection.