Chesapeake Bay Preservation

General Information

The general purpose of the Chesapeake Bay Act is to protect and improve water quality by requiring effective land use management practices. The regulations established Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas (CBPAs) composed of Resource Protection Areas (RPA) and Resource Management Areas (RMA).

The RPA consists of perennial streams, tidal wetlands/shores, certain non-tidal wetlands, and the required 100-foot buffer adjacent to these areas. The RPA buffer is intended to be left in its natural state, and development is restricted in this area. New Kent County and the Chesapeake Bay Board may grant exceptions to develop in the RPA under certain conditions.

Plan of Development

All proposed development in CBPAs must follow the applicable plan of development requirements found in the New Kent County Code. Specific questions should be directed to the Environmental Department at 804-966-8580.


To aide in the design of proposed development, New Kent County provides an APPROXIMATE map of CBPAs as a planning tool. Site-specific delineation of CBPAs are required as part of the plan of development process. Delineations should be performed by qualified professionals in accordance with approved methods and guidance manuals.