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O-01-15 O-01-15
Ordinance amending O-16-03
O-02-15 O-02-15
Floodplain Districts
O-03-15 O-03-15
Amendments to Chapter 91, Section 128 and Chapter 98, Section 871
O-05-15 O-05-15
Article II, Chapter 62 - Agricultural and Forestal Districts
O-06-15 O-06-15
Cluster Subdivision Ordinance
O-07-15 O-07-15
Bottoms Bridge Corridor Overlay Regulations
O-08-15 O-08-15
Minimum Final Floor Area
O-09-15 O-09-15
Public Utility Fees
O-10-15 O-10-15
General County Fees
O-11-15 O-11-15
Tax Levies on Real and Personal Property
O-14-15 O-14-15
Philbates Proffer Repeal - Recorded Copy