Who qualifies for tax relief?
To qualify for the Tax Exemption for the Elderly or Totally Disabled:

  • Must be of age 65 or totally disabled no later than December 31 of the preceding year.
  • The applicant must be the owner or partial owner of the real estate no later than January 1 of the taxable year.
  • Dwelling must be occupied as the sole dwelling of the applicant.
  • Dwelling may include mobile homes.
  • Individual annual gross income of applicant shall not exceed $35,000 and the combined gross income of the household shall not exceed $50,000. The following exclusions from income apply:

          - an amount of $10,000 of income from all non-spouse relatives living in the household
          - an amount of $10,000 of income from permanently disabled owner
          - all of the income of a person qualifying as a caretaker of the owner as set forth in Section § 58.1-3211.1(b) of the Code of Virginia.

  • The total combined financial worth of the owner as of December 31 of the preceding year shall not exceed $150,000. Total financial worth shall include the value of all assets, including equitable interest, of the owners, but shall exclude the fair market value of the dwelling and up to ten acres of land immediately surrounding the dwelling. Value of household furnishings shall also be excluded.
  • Must apply by May 1 of each tax year.

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