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1. What is the real estate tax rate?
2. Where can I find out how much I have paid in real estate taxes?
3. How often is my real estate assessed?
4. Where can I get a copy of my survey/plat/deed?
5. How do I find out the current owner on a parcel of land?
6. Where are the parcel maps located?
7. Where can I find assessments for real estate located in New Kent?
8. I just built a new home. What will my taxes be?
9. How do I find out about any easements or rights-of-way on my property?
10. Where can I find out how my property is zoned?
11. Where do I get a building permit?
12. I recently paid off my mortgage. Is there anything I need to do?
13. When are real estate taxes due?
14. When I purchase new property, when will the tax ticket reflect the change?
15. How do I find out information on the Agricultural & Forestry District program?